Powder Form

MPL-1, CPM S90-V

We currently have two grades of CPM product in powder form, MPL-1 and S90-V. These can be used in Cru-Clad applications. Cru-Clad is the Crucible Industries LLC trade name for bars or near net shapes manufactured by cladding highly alloyed tool steels to low allow substrates. MPL-1 is not readily available in bar form because of its high carbide content. Typical applications for these products are extruders, and single and twin screw compounding.

The exact chemistry of the following grades is proprietary information of Crucible Industries LLC. Only the nominal content is given unless otherwise noted.

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr V W Mo
CPM MPL-1 3.80 .45 .03Max .03Max .50 24.20 9.10 .40Max 3.00
CPM S90-V 2.30 .50 .03Max .03Max .50 14.00 8.75 .40Max 1.00

CPM, Cru-Clad, MPL-1 and S90-V are registered trademarks of Crucible Industries LLC.